What clients appreciate when working with attorney Marcia Haffmans;

"The quick follow up, thinking along with the customer, pleasant personal contact and knowledge of the matter... Rarely had such a pleasant working relationship with an attorney." (translated from Dutch)

Roderick Reichert, co-owner of Vista B.V., Voorburg, the Netherlands

"Marcia is very responsive and offered very pragmatic advice. I was faced with some unique points of law in the Netherlands that were not familiar to me and she guided me through those and explained the law and potential consequences of various contractual provisions at issue… Marcia was prompt and thorough and I was comfortable that she advised us well… Marcia has unique expertise with her knowledge of Dutch law. I’m sure she is equally as capable with US law, but having the rare combination of having practiced law in both jurisdictions and being able to speak both languages really gives her a unique niche... We were very well satisfied and would highly recommend Marcia."

John Murray, General Counsel and VP, KANA Software, Inc.

"Her dedication and perseverance are unmatched but her optimism and positive energy are what separates her… She has all the qualities anyone can ask for in an attorney. She communicates in a timely manner and she keeps you in the know always. I was even shocked to be notified when she wasn’t going to be available, and she provided alternate contact info and resources in her absence… Marcia is a pleasure to work with and I count myself fortunate to be her client."

S. Thomas